Working meeting "Uncertainty quantification and machine learning" - March, 10th 2020

Seminar co-organized by the GdR MASCOT-NUM

Organizers: Sébastien Da Veiga, Bertrand Iooss, Anthony Nouy, Guillaume Perrin, Victor Picheny

It will take place on:

March 10, 2020, at Amphithéâtre Hermite, Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris.

Presentation of the workshop



9h15 - Welcome - Introduction

Thème 1: Nonlinear Approximation - Deep learning

9h30 - Anthony Nouy (Ecole Centrale de Nantes): Learning with deep tensor networks

10h15 - TBA

11h00 - Break

Thème 2: Prediction's uncertainty

11h30 - Sébastien Da veiga

12h15 - Lunch break (on your own)

14h30 - TBA

Thème 3: Explainability and interpretability

15h15 - Jean-Michel Loubès (IMT, ANITi): Global explanation of machine learning with sensitivity analysis

16h00 - Break

16h15 - TBA

17h00 - End