MASCOT 2020 Meeting

The MASCOT NUM 2020 meeting is organized from May 4th to May 7th, 2020, by Peter Challenor (univ. of Exeter - UK), Céline Helbert (Ecole Centrale de Lyon) and Clémentine Prieur (univ. Grenoble Alpes) in Aussois (France). It will be located at the CNRS centre Paul Langevin

The meeting will focus on statistical analysis and uncertainty quantification of complex numerical models for natural world.

Program & Handouts

Day 0: May 4th (Welcome evening)

Welcome of the participants for dinner.

Day 1: May 5th (PhD students' day)

This first day is dedicated to talks and posters exposed by PhD students with rewards of 1,000 euros for the best presentation and 500 euros for the best poster presentation.

Day 2 & 3: May 6th and 7th

These two days are dedicated to plenary talks of 45 minutes and one lecture composed of two 1h30 sessions.

Keynote speakers

François Bachoc

Charles Bouveyron

Paula Camus

Peter Challenor

Elena Di Bernardino

David Ginsbourger

Véronique Maume-Deschamps

James Salter

Pranay Seshadri

Gwladys Toulemonde

Victoria Volodinia h



Christophette Blanchet - Céline Helbert - Bertrand Iooss - Hervé Monod - Clémentine Prieur - Olivier Zahm - Isabelle Dominique (assistante ECL) - Delphine Favre-Giraud (assistante LJK) - Cathy Laiolo (assistante LJK) - Annie Simon (assistante AIRSEA)


Mireille Bossy - Peter Challenor - Alex Diaz - Guillaume Evin - Serge Guillas - Céline Helbert - Bertrand Iooss - Hervé Monod - Philippe Naveau - Anthony Nouy - Clémentine Prieur - Jérémy Rohmer - Richard Wilkinson - Danny Williamson

Registration fees

Registration opens on November 2019.


Organization: Board or Céline Helbert or Clémentine Prieur