Rencontres annuelles du GDR - Annual GDR Meetings

Future annual and working meetings

MASCOT-NUM 2018 meeting, organized by Anthony Nouy (Ecole Centrale de Nantes) in Nantes, France, March, 21-23

2017, May, 22nd, Working meeting on “Visualization methods for uncertainty studies”, Paris, IHP, Amphithéâtre Hermite - page web

Past GDR Annual Meetings

MASCOT-NUM 2017 meeting, organized by S. Da Veiga (Safran) in Paris, France, March, 22-24 - MASCOT17 web page

The best student presentation award has been conferred in 2017 to Clément Bouttier (Univ. Toulouse) and Rémi Stroh (LNE/CentraleSupélec). They have won a prize of 1000€. LOL

MASCOT 2016 GDR meeting organized by IMT, Toulouse, France, March 23-25 - Other information on MASCOT16 web page

The best student presentation award has been conferred in 2016 to Clément Walter (CEA/Univ. Paris VII).

MASCOT 2015, Ecole des Mines de St-Etienne, April 8–10 - Other information on MASCOT15 web page

MASCOT 2014, GDR meeting organized by ETH Zürich, April 23–25

MASCOT-SAMO 2013 conference, jointly organized by Univ. Nice, EDF and JRC Ispra in Nice, July 1–4

MASCOT 2012, GDR meeting organized by CEA/DAM Ile de France in Bruyères-le-Châtel, March 21–23

MASCOT 2011, GDR meeting organized by Univ. Joseph Fourier in Villard de Lans, March 23–25

MASCOT 2010, GDR meeting organized by INRA in Avignon, March 17–19

MASCOT 2009, GDR meeting organized by EADS in Paris, March 18–20

MASCOT 2008, GDR meeting organised by CEA in Cadarache, March 12–14

MASCOT 2007, GDR meeting organised by IFP in Lyon, March 22–23

MASCOT 2006, GDR meeting organized by Univ. Paul Sabatier in Toulouse, February 2–3

Past GDR Working Meetings

The goal is to create cooperations between GDR members.