MASCOT 2021 Meeting

The MASCOT NUM 2021 (reported) meeting is organized from April 27th to April 30th, 2021, by Peter Challenor (univ. of Exeter - UK), Céline Helbert (Ecole Centrale de Lyon) and Clémentine Prieur (univ. Grenoble Alpes) in Aussois (France).

It will be located at the CNRS centre Paul Langevin.

The meeting will focus on statistical analysis and uncertainty quantification of complex numerical models for natural world.

Program & Handouts

Day 0: April 27th (Welcome evening)

Welcome of the participants for dinner.

Day 1: April 28th (PhD students' day)

The first day of the annual Mascot-Num workshop is devoted to PhD students communications on topics related to the Mascot-Num network activities, i.e. sensitivity analysis,uncertainty quantification in simulation, design and modelling of computer experiments, model calibration and validation, structural reliability, optimization under uncertainty, data-driven modelling methods, etc.

8h45-9h15 Welcome speech

9h15-10h15 Peter Challenor

10h15-10h45 coffee break

10h45-11h15 PhD 1

11h15-11h45 PhD 2

11h45-12h15 PhD 3

12h15-14h00 lunch break

14h00-14h30 PhD 4

14h30-15h00 PhD 5

15h00-15h30 poster blitz 1

15h30-16h00 coffee break

16h00-16h30 PhD 6

16h30-17h00 PhD 7

17h00-17h30 poster blitz 2

17h30-18h30 poster session

18h45 welcome drink


meeting of the jury for the attribution of the prices

Day 2: April 29th

9h-10h30 Véronique Maume-Deschamps tutorial 1/2

On the estimation of conditional quantiles maumedeschamps2020.pdf

10h30-11h00 coffee break

11h00-11h45 David Ginsbourger

Efficient high-dimensional emulation and calibration ginsbourger2020.pdf

11h45-12h30 Paula Camus

Applications of data science in coastal engineering camus2020.pdf

12h30-14h00 lunch break

14h00-14h45 James Salter

Modeling and optimizing set functions via RKHS embeddings salter2020.pdf

14h45-15h30 Victoria Volodinia

Bayesian Optimal Design for iterative refocussing volodina2020.pdf

15h30-16h15 François Bachoc

Spatial Blind Source Separation bachoc2020.rtf

16h15-16h45 coffee break

16h45-17h30 Elena Di Bernardino

Lipschitz-Killing curvatures of excursion sets for two-dimensional random fields dibernardino2020.pdf

17h30-18h15 Gwladys Toulemonde

Space-time modelling and simulation of extreme rainfall toulemonde2020.pdf

18h45 short drink

gala dinner

Day 3: April 30th

8h30-10h00 Véronique Maume-Deschamps tutorial 2/2

On the estimation of conditional quantiles maumedeschamps2020.pdf

10h00-10h30 coffee break

10h30-11h15 Pranay Seshadri

Polynomial least squares and their ridges for uncertainty quantification seshadri2020.pdf

11h15-12h00 Julien Mairal

12h15-12h30 closing words by the MASCOT NUM director

12h30-13h30 lunch

end of the conference

Keynote speakers

François Bachoc

Paula Camus

Peter Challenor

Elena Di Bernardino

David Ginsbourger

Julien Mairal

Véronique Maume-Deschamps

James Salter

Pranay Seshadri

Gwladys Toulemonde

Victoria Volodinia






Venue and travel information

It will be located at the CNRS centre Paul Langevin
The train station is Modane (around 15 minutes by Taxi).
There are connecting trains from Lyon Saint Exupery Airport to Modane or from Genève Airport to Modane.

The SNCF website is





Labex Milyon




Région ARA



Organization: Board or Céline Helbert or Clémentine Prieur